The Roof Transformations tiled conservatory roof is bespoke made by a team of professional time served joiners in our Lancashire factory. Our conservatory roofs are built to the highest specifications. etc etc

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Multi-Layered Insulation

The solid conservatory roof replacement from Roof Transformations has been intelligently designed to achieve a market leading U-value of 0.18 this rating has been validated by industry professionals. We have achieved this excellent U-value by employing a multiple layered insulation system using industry leading materials.

We use SuperQuilt® insulation, SuperQuilt® Consists of 19 Layers and works by Reflecting radiant heat back into your home and through summer reflecting excessive Heat out. Like a Mirror Reflects Light, SuperQuilt® Reflects Heat. So if you pay to heat your home, why let that heat escape- Keep it in your house. We also use a layer of 120mm internal insulation because as well as having excellent thermal properties it is also has fantastic acoustic properties virtually silencing external sound with in the conservatory. The Roof Transformations tiled conservatory roof uses an intelligent blend of breathable membrane and ventilation to ensure that oursystem is the only 100% condensation free tiled conservatory roof on the market, giving you extra peace of mind that your home is in safe hands with Roof Transformations.


Building Control Advice

Due to a recent change in legislation, conservatory roofs can now be replaced with a Solid Tiled Conservatory Roof without any building regulations application necessary so long as they meet the following criteria

  • The conservatory must be built on ground level and occupy less than 30 square metres of floor space.
  • It must be separated from a household via external quality walls, doors or windows.
  • An on/off dial must be present to control heating temperatures.
  • Building regulations must be adhered to in any glazing or electrical installations included.
If there is no reinforcement in the window frames additional reinforcement will be provided by Roof Transformations for larger roofs. The typical loading of an existing glazed conservatory roof (not polycarbonate) is less than 10kN/m. A lightweight composite solid roof is only likely to add an additional 0.5kN/m.

Roof Transformations and Building Control

Roof Transformations Solid Tiled Conservatory Roof is a building control approved system. This means that our system has been fully approved by a team of surveyors and engineers at Building Control for installation on existing conservatory window frames. Giving you the extra peace of mind that your new Roof Transformations Conservatory Roof is compliant with current building regulations.

The Roof Transformations tiled conservatory roof has been approved as a product but we can also have individual projects inspected by a building control officer for an additional fee.

Woodgrain options